Crème Amincissante Oxygénante MC110 has been uniquely formulated for lasting effects; this slimming cream acts all day long. This indispensable product for a more balanced figure, and firmer and smoother skin. Contains lemon essential oils and sponge extract to aid slimming, peppermint, cypress and thyme to tone and firm, cucumber to hydrate, fucus to detoxify and our specific BR oxygenating complex to regenerate. The Essential Fatty Acids will help to repair the epidermal shield whilst the Amino Acid-rich Silk proteins will reconstitute the NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor). This body cream does it all and is a delight to use.

Recommended for:

  • All Skin Instants®.
  • Ideal for mature Skin Instants® with localised very stubborn adipose fat or damaged skin.
Key ingredients:

Slimming agents: Lemon Essential Oil, Sponge Extract.

Toning and firming agents: Peppermint, Cypress and Thyme Essential Oils.

Moisturising agent: Cucumber Extract.

Detoxifying agent: Fucus Extract.

Oxygenating and regenerating agent: Specific Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Complex.