CUPPING (5CM) - body

kr. 79.00

Cupping moves tissues and connective tissue, and will relieve fluid retention and hard tissue that creates dents in the tissue. You can use an oil that is intended to either drain, create circulation or prevent / treat cellulite:

  • Heavy legs – Huile James Biologique Recherche Lourdes
  • Soothing and de-stressing – Biologique Recherche Huile Detente
  • Celulite Biologique Recherche Lipogen A / C or  Body Oxygenant
  • Slacking skin – Biologique Recherche Huile Dermotonique
  • Dry skin – Biologique Recherche – Huile Fondamentale

The cup is 5 cm high and 5 cm in diameter and is made of clear robust silicone. Clean with soap and water.

How to use: 
Apply oil or an oily cream to the area of the body you want to treat: Thighs, abdomen, upper arms - anywhere the skin is thicker. Never cup on dry skin and on wounds, bruises, thin skin and varicose veins. Always cup upwards and towards the lymph nodes. You can adjust the intensity by how hard you push the sides of cup together before putting it on the skin. Strong intensity can hurt in the beginning, so start gently and do not run too many times over the same area.