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Environ Gold Cosmetic Roll-Cit is an exclusive stable handheld needling instrument with a smooth roller head, which is enclosed by 0.25 mm microneedles in surgical steel for use on the face, neck, chest and upper side of the hands. The tool is gold plated, but not just to look pretty – the durability and sharpness of the needles is significantly longer than with the usual needling tools.

  • Effectively intensifies the effect of Environ products and improves the overall appearance and feel of the skin.

Please note! Environ contains highly active ingredients and has the highest permissible content of vitamin A in the EU . Therefore, the products are not sent to you until you have completed the Skin Test. If you have done the Skin Test previously, or are a client at CURE Lab, it is NOT necessary to take the Skin Test again.


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How to use

After pre-cleansing, cleansing and toning with your favorite Environ or Biologique Recherche products, use your Environ Gold Cosmetic Roll-Cit. Divide the current area into sections and roll each section vertically, horizontally and across the roller (in star shape). Follow with your recommended serums and creams. Start by rolling twice a week and then slowly increase for daily use. Take a break if your skin becomes very dry and / or irritated.