Sérum Matriciel works on all the components of the dermal matrix to achieve a genuine restructuring effect. A superb firming treatment for the body, it acts to maintain good skin tone for longer. Any slackening of the dermal matrix is slowed by reinforcing elasticity and keeping the skin toned.

Recommended for Skin Instants© lacking tone.

Key ingredients:

Firming agents: Elder Blossom, Chestnut Wood and Tropical Almond Leaf Extracts, Glycoproteins derived from Microorganisms of Antarctica, Biomimetic Peptide.
Protective agents: Black Crowberry Juice, Rye, Horsetail and Nettle Extracts.
Agents reinforcing the dermo-epidermal junction: Tetrapeptide.
Plumping and moisturising agents: Siberian Ginseng Root, Baobab Fruit Pulp and Silk Extracts, Reconstituted NMF, Hyaluronic Acid, Royal Jelly.