iS Clinical

Result-oriented skin care
based on patented formulas

iS Clinical

iS Clinical is innovative skin care products that strive to improve the physical and emotional well-being of people all over the globe. iS Clinical moves within stricter ethical and business standards, while aiming to promote the scientific practice of skin health.

iS Clinical’s products are therefore based on a scientific approach that combines innovative technologies with natural and botanical products. It makes their products effective and sought after all over the world. They are a brand that is known for constantly developing new products and pushing the boundaries of what skin care products

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About iS Clinical:

  • Result-oriented skin care based on patented formulas

  • Consists of a complete treatment system that includes cleansing products, serums, creams, sunscreen and face masks

  • Clinically tested products based on antioxidant technology, where all ingredients are clinically tested in relation to efficacy and safety