Biologique Recherche

At CURE Lab, we have the pleasure of selling Biologique Recherche’s unique skin care products. The French beauty brand is known for its natural products that are effective and create impressive results.

Biologique Recherche was founded by the couple Josette and Ivan Allouche in 1977. Since then, the brand has triumphed all over the world, and several of the French manufacturer’s products – such as Lotion P50 and Masque Vivant – are now renowned.

Biologique Recherche is a professional brand that can only be purchased in specially trained and selected clinics.

Buy selected products from Biologique Recherche

About Biological Research:

  • The products do not contain artificial perfumes, parabens, dyes or sulphates
  • They use the fewest possible preservatives in the lowest possible concentration
  • Biologique Recherche is formulated with cold-pressed ingredients where possible
  • The skin care series is cold formulated to keep all ingredients active and intact
  • All products have an exceptionally high content of active ingredients – a minimum of 20% and up to 90%

Before you buy: Test your skin type

As part of buying Biologique Recherche it is necessary to conduct a skin type test. Here, our skilled staff will guide and assess you about your skin once you have completed our questionnaire and uploaded photos of your skin.

You can add products to your cart and complete the purchase, but the item will not be shipped and we will not charge you money until you have completed our skin type test.

After completing the test, we will also recommend products to you on the “My Products” page, which will be available once you have created a user here on the site. 

To buy Biologique Recherches products, it requires a skin test