Get the best results using our products


We need to make an assessment of your skin to make sure you get the best results. Therefore, it is necessary that you take our Online Skin Test before we recommend products for you.

The skin test takes approx. 12-15 minutes and we would love for you to add as many details about your skin as possible. It is also important that you tell us which products you are currently using, and uploads / email us pictures of your face – front and side.

Please note! You have the opportunity to buy products before taking the Skintest. However, you should be aware that we cannot ship your goods until you have completed the Skintest and sent us photos. If you are already using Biolgoique Recherche, or are a client in CURE Lab it is not nessecary to take the Skintest.

Within 48 hours (weekdays) after we have received the result of the Skintest, you will hear from us.

You need to be logged in to take the Skintest. Create a userprofile and login.


If you do not have the opportunity to meet us in the CURE Lab, and you need personal guidance and advice for your skin care, you have the opportunity to book an online consultation with one of our specially trained cosmetologists.

We are, as always, thorough, and you must complete the Skintest prior to the online consultation. In the Skintest you have the oppertunity to describe and elaborate on your skin conditions, as well as how and with which products you treat your skin right now. You also need to send us clear photos of your face. Then one of our experts will prepare for your appointment.

Your consultation takes place via FaceTime or Zoom, and takes approx. 30 minutes. After the consultation, you will receive a description of our observations, as well as guidance on which products to use and how.

The personal online consultation costs DKK 350 and takes about 30-45 minutes. Book you online consultation here: You will receive a discount code for DKK 350, which can be used when you buy items for more than DKK 750.

You will be able to buy the proucts in the webshop.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 5355 2920.