CURE product Lab

At CURE product Lab you will find a team of dedicated skin professionals and beauticians who will guide you through the jungle of skin care. We believe that with the right skin diagnostic  and guidance, our clients achieve the best results. We only work with the best products on the market, which we have tested and worked with for several years. We strive for a balance between products that focus on effect and results while at the same time containing natural ingredients and not containing unnecessary preservatives and perfumes.

Which products fit your skin condition

To find the products that are right for your skin conditions, it is necessary that you complete our Online Skintest. This is a basic test so we can evaluate your purchases  to ensure that the products suit your skin conditions.We will contact you if your purchases do not match your skin conditions, and / or we believe we need additional information or our assessments conclude that you need extended guidance. If you want access to a tailor-made solution and a personal dialogue, we recommend that you book a Personal Online Consultation. Book your Online consultation here. Read more on Online Skin Type Test here, and Personal FaceTime Consultation here.

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Biologique Recherche

We are passionate about Biologique Recherche, which creates remarkable results with clean, effective and natural products.Biologique Recherche was started in 1977 in France by Ivan and Josette Allouche. Since then, the brand has triumphed all over the world, creating cult products such as Lotion P50 and Masque Vivant. Biologique Recherche is a professional brand that can only be purchased in specially trained and selected clinics.

Biologique Recherche:

  • does not contain artificial perfumes, parabens, dyes and sulphates
  • uses as few preservatives as possible in the lowest possible concentration
  • is formulated with cold pressed ingredients when possible
  • is cold formulated to keep all ingredients active and intact
  • has an exceptionally high content of active ingredients. Minimum 20% and up to 90%


Biologique Recherche is an luxurious, tailor-made skin care system that focuses on rebalancing the skin and adding what it needs – when it needs it. This means that our products are always prescribed individually by a trained Biologique Recherche therapist to ensure that they will work just for you. Due to this tailor-made approach, Biologique Recherche worldwide does not publish product prices or allow you to order products online directly, without a skin test.