• FIRMING • ANTI-WRINKLE • ANTIOXIDANT An absolute elixir, Le Grand Sérum will act on all age-related skin issues to combat signs of aging. Highly performant, Télomeractiv© protects and activates factors of longevity of skin cells. It improves the stability and longevity of telomeres to help prevent the irreversible build-up of markers of cell aging. This revolutionary anti-senescence active ingredient slows down the aging process of its cells and increases collagen production.

This innovative formula, concentrated in 27 anti-wrinkle, antioxidant, firming and regenerating ingredients, allows the skin to be protected at every moment of the day. The appearance of the skin is improved, wrinkles are visibly reduced. The complexion is more luminous, it reveals a golden light.

Le Grand Sérum comes in a golden 30 ml glass bottle, or in a smaller golden 8 ml glass bottle.

Main ingredients:

Against premature signs of aging: Amino acids, extracts of elderberry, chestnut, tropical almond and watercress, myrrh extract, myrtle and onion, hexapeptides.

Anti free radicals: Mimose, cranberry and wasabi extracts.

Soothing: Kudzu extract and polysaccharides.

Moisturizing: Natural moisture factor (NMF), hyaluronic acid and silk extract.

Tone: Extracts of witch hazel and prickly pear, revling juice.