The Fluide VIP O2 is particularly formulated to oxygenate the skin, containing our BR Specific Oxygenating Complex; it stimulates the epidermal functions by increasing the concentration of oxygen on the surface of the skin. This luxurious serum will moisturize, regenerate and soothe, and has one of our largest concentrations of anti-aging components. Fights for signs of fatigue and dark circles around the eyes, the skin is instantly clearer and more radiant. Gives a great silky glow, instantly firming and pore minimizing. The skin becomes smooth and makeup blends easily over the skin.

Main ingredients:

Oxygenating and smoothing agent: Specific BR Oxygenating Complex.

Revitalising and regenerating agents: Tepescohuite Extract, Witch Hazel Extract.

Moisturising and antioxidant agent: Silk Extract.

Soothing and reconditioning agents: Phospholipids.