Lotion P50 Corps (body)

Lotion P50 Corps is a highly effective exfoliating treatment for the whole body, which contains the core ingredients from Lotion P50 – but with extra exfoliating effect that suits the thicker skin on the body.

Lotion P50 is suitable for all Skin Instants® – except very sensitive skin

Lotion P50 Corps contains active ingredients such as AHA, BHA and PHA, as well as cleansing and astringent magnesium and vitamin B3.

Spray on the whole body or special areas 1-5 days a week as needed.

Key ingredients:

Exfoliating, moisturizing and rebalancing: Poly, Alpha and Beta-Hydroxy acids, cider vinegar, phytic acid, sulfur.

Cleansing and sebumregulating: Magnesiumchlorid, vitamin B3,


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