Préparation U.V., which contains many active ingredients of natural and vegetal origin, prepares the skin to optimally receive solar radiation from the very first exposure by stimulating natural tanning. This pre-sun product also prevents the appearance of dark spots and skin ageing whilst protecting the skin against external aggressors. This stage is extremely important to maintain the skin in a good condition.

Indeed, the body has developed various methods of natural protection against UV radiation,
– increasing the thickness of the corneous layer
– boosting melanin synthesis
– reducing the rate of protein oxidation.

These natural protection methods are stimulated and optimized with Preparation U.V. To get the effect of this increased protection mechanism, the skin needs four weeks to work up to an optimal level.

Preparation U.V. does notreplace the use of sunscreen – but effectively supports and boosts the skin’s own natural protection – and is part of the Biologique Recherche Triple Shield Complex © system – with wich you achieve maximum protection and comfort.

Main ingredients:

Melanin stimulating agents: Melanin-Activating Tripeptide, Sugars from Brown Algae, Monk’s Pepper Extract, and Squash Seed Oil mixed with a melanin booster.

Anti-pigmentation agent: Marine Diatom Extract.

Protecting agents: Antioxidant Tripeptide and Rosemary Oil Extract.