Crème PIGM 400 has been specially formulated to prevent the appearance of pigmentary spots, reduce the intensity of existing brown spots, and brighten the complexion and render it more uniform. This lightweight ultra luxurious Biologique Recherche cream contains active lightening ingredients of watercress sprouts, plum extract and soybeans that act on the melanogenesis process at all levels, from pigmentation until they reach the surface of the skin. Furthermore, also a number of active substances with antioxidant properties to limit protein and lipid oxidation (aging of the skin) as well as active ingredients that stimulate lipofuscin degradation.

Creme PIGM 400 is not only a super effective and cream that prevents and treat pigment changes – it is a fantastic luxury cream that contains pearl dust that gives an almost magical light in the skin. It can be used alone, or mixed with your other creams, or applied as a final finishing layer. Use it as a high-lighter in selected places when you need extra glow. It melts into the skin and does not settle like a make-up on top. Has a pleasant smell.

Main ingredients:

Whitening and brightening agents: Young Cress Shoots and Plum Pulp Extract, and Pure Genistein obtained from Soybeans.

Protective agents: Wasabi Extract, Vitamin E derivative and Polysaccharide.